Short Stature Corn: Adapted to tomorrow.

See the difference Preceon® makes

The Preceon Smart Corn System deploys a leading combination of scientific, agronomic and digital expertise. But what difference does that really make in the field? In fact, it’s a difference farmers will notice every day.

With reduced internode length, the corn plants are easier to manage, allowing later field access for more flexible input applications. Thanks to their stature and deep root networks, they withstand climatic stresses more readily, especially strong winds.

The final difference comes at harvest time, with greater yields enabled by the higher planting density that shorter corn supports. Silage quality is better too, with more dry matter yield and starch as well as improved digestibility.

Higher quantity and quality of output, and more efficient use of inputs – that means increased revenue opportunities without increased costs. A crucial difference to the bottom line.

With Preceon, all the pieces are in place for productive, sustainable and efficient farming.

Main advantages of the new Short Stature Corn