Embracing the future.

Meet the growers at forefront of a revolution.

Change takes courage. Get to know the farmes who found this courage and are now part of one of the biggest changes in corn growing – They are our Groundbreakers. And starting this year, for the first time they are planting Short Stature Corn. This page showcases their individual experiences with Preceon®.

The future of agriculture is smart.

Learn about Preceon from a fellow corn grower: Mauro Vercellone talks about what he sees as the biggest future threats in corn growing and how Preceon can help mitigate those threats – while keeping his farm profitable.

Preceon Smart Corn System: Solving growers’ problems.

Today I believe in the future, in a technological future, in a smart future.

Mauro Vercellone, Agrinova Farm Owner

Early adopters win.

The Groundbreakers are a special kind of growers: They are the first to test our new Smart Corn System. See what our Groundbreakers Guido Finato Martinati, Paola Aguzzi and Federico Tambalo have to say about Preceon Smart Corn System. And learn why the courage to invest early in new opportunities can pay off.

Preceon Smart Corn System: Innovation for growers.

We have embraced the Bayer Smart Corn innovation and we have big expectations.

Federico Tambalo, Finato Martinati Farm Agronomist