Assembling cutting-edge expertise.

Meet the experts leading a revolution.

Turning visions into a reality. Get to know the experts demonstrating a new system that changes corn growing and makes it fit for future challenges. This has enabled nothing less than revolution. This page showcases their individual areas of expertise in the Preceon® Smart Corn System.

A revolution is coming.

Get a taste of what’s coming in corn growing in the coming years. Let our EMEA corn experts Pieter Smit and Marc Aupetitgendre introduce you to the world of the revolutionary Preceon Smart Corn System. Preceon is set to change the way we grow corn by optimizing inputs to deliver high yields in a sustainable way.


two men positioned side by side facing the camera both in a office enviroment

The corn growing revolution: Preceon in depth.

The Smart Corn System is going to be a revolution.

Marc Aupetitgendre, Country Division Head Italy and Greece and Sponsor of the Med SCS Workstream

A tall stack of benefits.

Learn about the benefits of Short Stature Corn from our EMEA corn breeding experts Jean-Luc Pellet and Richard Fly. They explore the revolutionary benefits of the Short Stature Corn that is part of the Preceon Smart Corn System. From increased stress tolerance to easier access to the field and higher production – the benefits are stacking up.

two men positioned side by side in different environments facing the camera. The one on the right holds a corn kob in a lab environment. The left one is shown in front grown corn plants.

The genetics of the future: Short Stature Corn in depth.

We can produce more with less.

Jean Luc Pellet, Product Development Scientist Lead Smart and Late Corn